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Who is eligible to apply to the Town Trust for a grant?

  • Organisations, charities, and groups whose objectives are to help Sheffield and its citizens.  Examples of organisations which the Trust has supported include those working with the elderly, young people, the arts, people with disabilities, sports and community events.  Also, projects relating to buildings, heritage and the rural environment.

Who does the Town Trust not support?

  • The Town Trustees do not award grants to

    • Individuals

    • Organisations who are not working for the benefit of Sheffield and its inhabitants

    • Organisations based outside Sheffield unless the purpose of the charity is to help those in Sheffield.

    • Animal charities

    • Political organisations

    • Religious groups

    • Churches.  However, the Town Trustees will consider support for church buildings as long as those buildings are to be used by the local community

How frequently can we apply for a grant?

  • Sheffield Town Trust will not, under normal circumstances, expect to receive further applications from successful applicants until 2 years have passed.  If you wish to make an application within a 2-year time frame, please state clearly in your application why you are seeking a further grant. 

How does the Trust deal with national organisations?

  • The Town Trustees will only make a grant to national organisations if it can be established that the grant will be used exclusively in Sheffield or for the benefit of Sheffield or its inhabitants. In these cases, the applicant would be expected to give the name and contact details of a local contact/organiser

Can a Non-charity apply?

  • Yes, they would normally be non-profit making organisations carrying out charitable purposes.

What will Trustees be looking for in an application?

  • The applicant should be credible and must be able to demonstrate the sustainability of the organisation.  The Trustees will be looking to ensure that care has been taken over the application and supporting documents.

I am unable to apply online, may I still apply for a grant?

  • Yes, please contact the Trust using the details on our contact page, for further information.

Is there a typical size of grant awarded by the Trust?

  • No.  Grants range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds depending on the merits of the application and the funds available to the Trust at the relevant time.  Many of the grants are between £500 and £3000.

If we have made an application to the Sheffield Town Trust and this was rejected, can we apply again?

  • Yes, the refusal may have been discussed with one of the Trustees or the Law Clerk and the application amended.  The Trust receives and considers many applications and sometimes there are not sufficient funds to help all the applications which the Trustees would like to help at a particular meeting.  It may be worthwhile trying again.

If we receive a grant from the Town Trust, will we be expected to give Feedback?

  • Yes, applicants who receive a grant will be expected to complete our Feedback Form.  Alternatively, you may send us an email with a short update report on your project. This must be done within six months of the grant having been awarded.

What is the Subscription List and how do we apply to join?

  • The Town Trust has operated a subscriptions list for many years, through which it has supported the central running costs of a number of local charities and organisations with committed funding for a period of 3 years at a time.  This funding is not intended to support one-off projects which the normal quarterly application process covers but the Town Trust believes that having this certainty of funding for their central running costs at least gives charities and organisations some certainty so that they can plan their activities over that period. The next subscription list application window will be from May 2024.  Details of how to apply and the deadline for applications to be received by will be published on this website nearer the time. 


Should you have any further questions not answered above, please contact our

Law Clerk, details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Subscription List

Registered Charity  Number 223760

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