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How to apply to the Town Trust

The Town Trust is empowered to award grants for “charitable and public uses” for the benefit of Sheffield as a whole and its inhabitants. Therefore the Trust can only help organisations that work for the benefit of the city of Sheffield.

Making an application 

Should you wish to apply for a grant for your organisation you will need to complete our online application form which will need to be submitted with any supporting documents.  The Town Trustees meet 4 times per annum and deadline dates for applications to be considered at our meeting the following month are 15th January, 15th April, 15th July and 15th October by 12 noon.  If  you have any difficulties making an application after reading the Frequently Asked Questions page please contact us.

  1. Before completing the application form, please read the information on our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

  2. Read the application questions and prepare your answers in advance. You must complete your application in one go, you cannot save your application or return to it. We recommend you draft your answers  and documents to be uploaded before starting an application. 

  3. Documents that you may need include: details of your organisation; an outline of your project; your most recent balance sheet and budget for your project.

  4. When you have gathered the information that you need then complete the on-line application form below and press the "Apply Now" button.

What happens next

Receipt of an application will be acknowledged initially by an automated email.   Shortly after the deadline date, you will be sent a further Email asking you to contact one of our Trustees to discuss your application.  Trustees will from time to time arrange to meet you for this discussion.

The Trustee will report back to our quarterly meeting of Trustees where a decision will be made regarding the application.  The decision will be notified to the applicant within a few weeks of our meeting by Email.  Grants agreed are generally paid automatically but sometimes grants are made ‘conditional’ dependent upon work commencing on a project. In this case you will need to contact us again before your work starts.

Tell us about the impact your project has had. 

All applicants who receive a grant will be expected to complete a feedback form which you can download here or send us an email with a short update report on their project. This must be done within six months of the grant having been awarded.

Please note that Sheffield Town Trust will not, under normal circumstances, expect to receive further applications from successful applicants until 2 years have passed.  If you wish to make an application within a 2-year time frame, please state clearly in your application why you are seeking a further grant. 

Grant Application Form Sheffield Town Trust 
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Please note if you have made a successful application in the last 2 years your grant will not normally be approved. If you wish to make an application within a 2-year time frame, please state clearly in your application why you are seeking a further grant. 

Application Form

Registered Charity  Number 223760

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